Security – Locks



Shugg Windows come standard with a push-style key lock. (Solid Barrel, 21mm diameter). To lock the window simply push the lock in. A key is required to unlock the window. (This may seem obvious, but many windows have locks which may be opened with nothing more than a fingernail are pencil tip). For your safety and convenience, Shugg Windows also have an additional feature enabling the window to be locked in the open position. Standard at 100mm and 200mm as well as in the closed position. Alternative positions can be catered to upon request.

All standard Shugg Window locks are provided in a polished chrome (silver) finish, locks are keyed alike on request. They are also 21mm diameter, solid cased, for security. In some cases it is necessary by law to install components that restrict the operable height of the window, to 125mm or less, for example; windows surrounding a swimming Pool, and windows looking out on a multi-story home/building. Restrictors, are fitted as standard on Shugg double hung sashless windows in hazardous situations. alternatively Shugg Servery or Shugg 3 pane sashless designs may be used.