2-Pane Fixed Top Pane

2 Pane Servery Window with Fixed Top Pane

This version of the Shugg Sashless Window allows the operation of a single pane without requiring the 2nd pane to counterbalance it. The operable pane is counterbalanced, instead, by weights housed in aluminium box sections either side of the window. The bottom opening can reach as high as half the overall window height less about 50mm.

Can be used on bar tops where food and drinks may be served.

Cafe’s and Restaurants also favour this version of sashless window, especially near customer tables, where the sense of “Airiness” or “Outside brought inside” is desirable.

Achieves a clear unobstructed view whether the window is open or closed.

Provides controlled and positive ventilation.

Shugg sashless double hung windows do not project beyond their own profiles which is a major benefit along passage ways and areas of high pedestrian traffic.

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