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Do you seek efficiency and elegance when you select your windows? If so we have the answer.

Since 1976, the award winning SHUGG double hung sashless window has been combined with the smooth lines of Aluminium and the timeless beauty of quality hardwoods such as Western Red Cedar and Victorian Ash, as well as using distortion free Clear and Performance laminated, toughened safety glass in Single and Double Glazed throughout the range. (Luxury Hardwoods such as Jarrah, Ironbark and Syrian Cedar may also be purpose-made to order).

This combination produces a very efficient means of controlling ventillation. By minimising the number of visible divisions there is little or no interruption to your view. The Shugg Window is quite remarkable for the amount of light it allows to enter a room, together with an elevated feeling of space.

Shugg Pty Ltd are happy to supply multiple or single sashless units to all levels of the Construction Industry on residential and commercial projects and to cater directly for the individual needs of private retailers. Shugg not only supply Sashless units into new projects but also convert or upgrade existing windows. Shugg have a repair service and supply spare parts or components for all sashless windows.

The SHUGG sashless window unit is the window of choice for new and retrofit sashless window applications. Shugg Units can be fitted into windows and doors as well as being often used in new installations, sometime incorporating Dog Doors in the moving panes. Shugg Sashless units can be retrofitted into existing Timber, PVC and Aluminium frames without disturbing decor or walls. In retro-fit applications Shugg Windows are most frequently used to replace fixed glass and awning sashes. Shugg also provide ongoing product support, a repair service and Parts sales.

Services we provide:

• Free Measure & Quote service • Tailored design • Technical advice and support

• Onsite installation • Single & Double Glazing • Timber and Aluminium Windows & components

• Patented Sashless System • Full in-house Design • Full in-house manufacture

• In-house powder coating facility • Vertical Sashless Windows • Horizontal Sashless Windows

• Multi-locking security • Full product support • Extensive Service support • Quality Assured

Why choose a Shugg Window?

The Shugg double hung sashless window is a counter balanced design incorporating an upper and a lower pane with an overlap at the centre. The window is operated by acrylic lift blocks bonded to the lower pane, which when raised, permits the upper pane to open down an equal distance. Designed for residential and commercial installations, the Shugg Sashless Double Hung Window has no horizontal rails. The option of timber or aluminium guides is enhanced by variety of timber or aluminium or steel frames in which the Shugg double hung Sashless Window can be installed. In addition , installation to doors provides non projecting ventilation with the door closed.

The Shugg Double Hung Window is simplistic in design and easy to use.

  • Achieves a clear unobstructed view whether the window is open or closed.
  • Provides controlled and positive ventilation.
  • Shugg double hung sashless windows do not project beyond their own profiles which is a major benefit along passage ways and areas of high pedestrian traffic as well as in windows with blinds or curtains.

The Shugg Double Hung Window is durable and easy to maintain

  • Shugg are still servicing and maintaining windows installed over 45 years ago. – many only requiring a clean or lubrication.

The Shugg Double Hung Sashless Window is safe and secure.

It is Shugg policy to use only safety glass throughout its product range.All guides and components are independantly fixed or screwed in position. The Shugg locking system utilizes keyed push locks which can only be operated using the appropriate key.

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Shugg Windows the Sashless Window People offer a wide range of services for any type of sashless window repair, maintenance or installation service that you require.

The premium sashless windows that we manufacture and supply are equipped with a modern design, giving your home a sleek and stylish look. The robust design and build quality of our sashless windows provide optimal ventilation with a counter-balanced design that incorporates an upper and lower pane with an overlap at the centre. They are designed to let in the maximum amount of light possible, which is achieved by ensuring that there is hardly any visible divisions within the sashless window. The result is that you get an uninterrupted view of your surroundings.

Contact us today to schedule a free measure and quote for your new windows and we’ll send a friendly technician to help you.

History of Shugg Windows

Having gained an early reputation for high quality work in timber-framed windows since the mid-50s under the name Kenneth Shugg Joinery and K. Shugg Industries for Aluminium Windows, Shugg have, since inventing the Sashless window, been a pioneer and innovative trendsetter. Now Shugg Sashless Window technology is a standard in the industry. It has become a choice for the discerning buyer because it is the original and still the best.

To make the most of beautiful days, a Shugg window perfectly blends the great outdoors into indoor comfort hence opening up your living space. Open or closed, they are so perfectly unobtrusive and ventilating that you bring outside inside. In Tuscany it is called “Trompe L’oeil” or Trick of the Eye – such is the power and uniqueness of the extended vista.

The Shugg secret is in its seemingly single uninterrupted pane with no intrusive mid rails to obstruct your view.

That’s a smart idea and very innovative technology. It’s so very clever it won an Australian National Award for Excellence.

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The Shugg window is a shrewd choice because it blends discreetly into the architecture with a minimalist almost unseen profile. It’s built in aluminium or western red cedar and finished in a powder coated or natural colour to match your mood – choose from over 20 colours in both single and double-glazed.

That Shugg windows are frequently specified by architects, interior designers, quality homebuilders and home owners alike, is no accident. It’s for good reason and rightly so – it is the very best and most cost effective choice of discreet opening window available.

Every Shugg window is patented, safe against breakage and secure against intrusion.

And as well, the Shugg windows design has been pushed to the limits to give you:

• more light • quality assurance • maintenance free for years • integrated fly protection • glide smooth operation as standard with safety glass and security locks

And if that’s not enough, Shugg Windows Pty Ltd build them, using highest quality materials and components, to almost any size to fit your opening:

• single hung • double hung • one opening and one or two fixed • vertical opening • horizontal sliding • they’ll even put one in a door for you

Shugg windows are equally at home in your new home or when renovating your period or contemperory home.

Shugg’s warranty is a piece of cake because they’re built to last, using safety glass as standard, premium glues and heavy track systems and fastenings.

When you choose Shugg Windows by Shugg Windows Pty Ltd you create an enduring relationship of care and service.

This is Shugg technology brilliance and Australian Design Award winning. Shugg invented the idea and still do it best of all.

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The unique range of Shugg sashless windows is the choice of specifiers, builders and homeowners alike for good reason… Patented design, quality products and service. Superior in both function and design.

The Original & the Best Sashless Window People

Shugg Windows Pty Ltd is an innovative industry leader, providing our customers both directly and through our licenced outlets throughout Australia, with our patented design quality products and service, superior in both function and design.