Why a Shugg?


Why choose a Shugg Window?

The Shugg double hung sashless window is a counter balanced design incorporating an upper and a lower pane with an overlap at the centre. The window is operated by acrylic lift blocks bonded to the lower pane, which when raised, permits the upper pane to open down an equal distance. Designed for residential and commercial installations, the Shugg Sashless Double Hung Window has no horizontal rails. The option of timber or aluminium guides is enhanced by variety of timber or aluminium or steel frames in which the Shugg double hung Sashless Window can be installed. In addition , installation to doors provides non projecting ventilation with the door closed.

The Shugg Double Hung Window is simplistic in design and easy to use.

  • Achieves a clear unobstructed view whether the window is open or closed.
  • Provides controlled and positive ventilation.
  • Shugg double hung sashless windows do not project beyond their own profiles which is a major benefit along passage ways and areas of high pedestrian traffic as well as in windows with blinds or curtains.

The Shugg Double Hung Window is durable and easy to maintain

  • Shugg are still servicing and maintaining windows installed over 45 years ago. – many only requiring a clean or lubrication.

The Shugg Double Hung Sashless Window is safe and secure.

It is Shugg policy to use only safety glass throughout its product range.All guides and components are independantly fixed or screwed in position. The Shugg locking system utilizes keyed push locks which can only be operated using the appropriate key.

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