History of Shugg Windows


Having gained an early reputation for high quality work in Timber framed windows since the late 1940s under the name Kenneth Shugg Joinery and K. Shugg Industries for Aluminium Windows, Shugg have, for over 40 years, been a pioneer and innovative trendsetter in the Sashless window Field.

Now Shugg Sashless Window technology is a standard in the industry.

It’s become a choice for the discerning buyer because it’s the original and is still the best.

In a climate where it’s most often better outside than in, the perfect lifestyle is where you can bring the outside in - and that’s what you get through a Shugg window. Open or closed, they’re so perfectly unobtrusive and ventilating that you bring outside inside. In Tuscany it’s called “Trompe L’oeil” or Trick of the Eye - such is the power and uniqueness of the extended vista.

The Shugg secret is in its seemingly single uninterrupted pane - no intrusive mid rails to obstruct your view.

That’s a smart idea and very innovative technology. It’s so very clever it won an Australian

The Shugg window is a shrewd choice because it blends discreetly into the architecture with a minimalist almost unseen profile. It’s built in aluminium or western red cedar and finished in a powder coated or natural colour to match your mood - choose from over 20 colours in both single and double-glazed.

That Shugg windows are frequently specified by architects, interior designers, quality homebuilders and home owners alike, is no accident. It’s for good reason and rightly so - it is the very best and most cost effective choice of discreet opening window available.

Every Shugg window is patented, safe against breakage and secure against intrusion.
And as well, the Shugg windows design has been pushed to the limits to give you:

  • more light
  • quality assurance
  • maintenance free for years
  • integrated fly protection
  • glide smooth operation as standard with safety glass and security locks

And if that’s not enough, Shugg Windows Pty Ltd build them, using highest quality materials and components, to almost any size to fit your opening:

  • single hung
  • double hung
  • one opening and one or two fixed
  • vertical opening
  • horizontal sliding
  • they’ll even put one in a door for you

Shugg windows are equally at home in your new home or when renovating your period or contemperory home.

Shugg’s warranty is a piece of cake because they’re built to last, using safety glass as standard, premium glues and heavy track systems and fastenings.

When you choose Shugg Windows by Shugg Windows Pty Ltd you create an enduring relationship of care and service.

This is Shugg technology brilliance and Australian Design Award winning.
Shugg invented the idea and still do it best of all.