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The Shugg Sashless Window is an openable window, a seemingly single uninterrupted pane – no obtrusive mid rails to obstruct your view. It blends discreetly into the architecture with a minimal almost unseen profile. It is built in Aluminium with a Natural Anodised or Powder coated finish, Western Red Cedar of Kiln Dried Hard Wood (KDHW) in a natural / raw finish colour. Choose from any colour on the Dulux or Interpon Powder Coat Colour range, (excluding those requiring licence.) Shugg Sashless Windows can be either single glazed or double glazed. Using standard glass, performance glass or a combination of both.

In a climate where it is most often better outside than it is in, the perfect lifestyle is where you can bring the outside in – and that’s what you get through a Shugg Sashless window. Open or closed they are so perfectly unobtrusive and ventilating that you bring the outside inside. In Tuscany it’s called “Trompe L’oeil" or trick of the eye – such is the power and uniqueness of the extended vista.

1. Free Measure & Quote service

2. Tailored design

3. Technical advice and support

4. Onsite installation

5. Single & Double Glazing

6. Timber and Aluminium Windows & components

7. Patented Sashless System

8. Full in-house Design

9. Full in-house manufacture

10. In-house powder coating facility

11. Vertical Sashless Windows

12. Horizontal Sashless Windows

13. Multi-locking security

14. Full product support

15. Extensive Service support

16. Quality Assured

1. Patented design

2. Modern style

3. Sleek frameless appearance

4. Superior Ventilation

5. Multi-lockable security features

Yes. Verbal quotes are available upon request, they are however, subject to site measure and inspection. If you can provide our Sales Team with some or all of the following details of the window(s) required we can in most instances give you an approximate price over the phone:

Height and Width measurements*

Guides / Trim type required /finish type required*

Glass type required*

Style of window i.e. 2 Pane Double Hung, 3 Pane Servery etc.*

Number of windows required

Existing or Required Frame type into which the proposed window will be installed

Location of proposed job

Contact details

Any additional information that you might feel important to give us.

*Information that is required.

1. Measure for quote

2. Fax or call through the details i.e. height x width, existing frame type, guide type required, glass specification, style (SDH, Servery, 3 Pane etc.) Fax: +61 3 9543 4073, Tel:+61 1300 748 449

3. Email details as above. sales@shuggwindows.com.au

4. Pop in and see us – 1885 Dandenong-Hastings Rd, Pearcedale VIC 3912

Yes. Shugg Sashless Window Systems P/L do have a service department. If you have a problem with your Sashless Window, be it a Shugg or an imitation, require a replacement pane or a maintenance service, we’re the people to call.

Call for an appointment - +61 1300 748 449

Online booking – (Coming soon!)

Fax or Email request for service – (See forms) Fax - +61 3 9543 4073, Email sales@shuggwindows.com.au

The average retail cost of a Shugg Sashless Unit supplied and fitted into an opening 2000mm high x 500mm wide with 6.38mm Clear Laminate Safety Glass and natural anodized Aluminium guides can be given by contacting Shugg direct on - 03 9544 8104
Shugg Windows are typically installed into existing frames, be they timber or aluminium we can generally match the colour of aluminium with regard to our components and your frames or a natural anodized finish is also available. Where the existing frames are timber, there is the option of Western Red Cedar or KDHW which is provided in a natural / raw finish colour only.

The most common glass we use is a 6.38mm Clear Laminate Safety Glass or a 6mm Clear Toughened Safety Glass. In addition to these; 8mm Toughened Safety Glass, 10.38mm Laminate Safety Glass, 10mm Toughened Safety Glass in Clear or Toned varieties of the above mentioned. Shugg can also make your windows using a range of Performance Glasses, such as Comfort Plus Laminate and Lamguard. Shugg Sashless Window Systems can also accommodate any high security needs with the incorporation of Bulletproof glass into the Shugg Sashless Window System.

The Shugg ststem is a counter balanced one, which works on a cord and pulley set up. As a standard, Clear Acrylic blocks are used as handles to lift the window open and pull it closed, alternative options for the handle (lifting element) is an aluminium continuous lift, which is attached to the bottom edge of the bottom pane of glass.

There are no standard sizes for our windows. There are no windows on the shelves in the factory that you can just come in and buy. Because each home/building design is different and the window requirements differ so much, Shugg Sashless Windows makes your windows to the sizes required by you. We are also happy to provide you with suggestions regarding your particular situation and the possibilities/limitations regarding each specific project.
In most cases yes there is a solution to converting your existing windows to Shugg Sashless Windows, be they Awning (wind out style), fixed glass, casement or sash windows.
Yes… Fixed Glass on projects where Sashless Windows are also required. Replacement Top and or Bottom panes for Shugg Sashless windows.
Generally speaking the openable height of a Servery style window is approximately h1/2 – 50 where h=height. However there are often some additional variables which complicate this equation and therefore it is most advisable to consult a member of our technical design team. Contact Us.